Next Nashville production trip on the calendar

November 14-17 or so.  Plenty of time to get some material ready to put in the hands of the Nashville Cats!

Nashville Travelogue- July ’14

Just back from two production trips to Nashville, lots of great music and a chance to visit some of my many cherished colleagues!

Elizabeth Carrigan‘s story is dramatic and compelling (read more).  We’ve started work on finishing a project she began four years ago.  I took a few of her vocal tracks to Nashville, where I, Jeff Taylor, Chris Leuzinger, Wayne Killius and John Vogt overdubbed a blues-y groove to some traditional Celtic folk songs.  What a great, unusual sound! So, initial vocal recorded here on the Seacoast, band in Nashville, mixing at Mill Pond Music.  Attention New England artists and songwriters: sound intriguing?

Check out The Greenwood Laddie:


The Fireflies, in Nashville and Portsmouth

Harry and Luca are sounding better than ever, back in the U.S. from London.  This time we tracked a few songs with a Nashville rhythm section, followed by overdubs and mixing back here in Portsmouth.

Popular Illinois country artist Greg Schneider cut 4 new songs, sounding very good indeed-check out Man Cave:

And, one of my most prolific songwriter clients David Stewart came down from New York with a new collection of finely crafted contemporary country songs, including this unusual and touching piece with an outstanding Tim Buppert vocal:

And, a great time with The Boys of County Nashville at McCreary’s Pub in Franklin.  Jeff Taylor, Bill Verdier, Skip Cleavinger and I having more fun than we deserve!





Abbi White’s new Nashville/Portsmouth CD

     An ambitious, sparkling new 14-song CD from Boston’s Abbi White, tracked in Nashville with a stellar cast of acoustic A-teamers, including Aubrey Haynie, Jeff Taylor, Matt Combs, John Gardner, Byron House, Robert Bowlin and yours truly. We recorded basic tracks at CTM in Nashville this summer, then did final vocals, additional guitar overdubs, editing and mixing here at Mill Pond Music.

A few sound clips included below reveal Abbi (who is just 18) to be a wonderful singer whose songs capture feelings and experiences of young love with a mature, poignant perspective. Listen!

Nashville Travelogue, continued.

Had a great time producing, arranging and playing on 4 new songs by NY songwriter Dave Stewart this past weekend. Tracking was done at Studio 19 with Jesse Poe engineering. Chris Leuzinger on electric guitar, Glen Duncan on fiddle, Wayne Killius on drums, John Vogt on bass , myself on acoustic guitar and my dear friend and long-time Irish music cohort Jeff Taylor on piano. Some of you may know Jeff as the accordion player in the best band in America, The Time Jumpers. Jeff and I then went down to McCreary’s Irish Pub in Franklin to join fiddler Bill Verdier for a Boys of County Nashville reunion. Great fun!

Check out two of Dave Stewart’s tracks: