Cathy Wilson: Celtic Folk in Cookeville TN

Out of the blue, while waiting for a plane at the Nashville airport, I got a call from Cathy.  She had found the Mill Pond Music Studio website on line, had seen all the Celtic Tribute Series CDs I’d produced and had read about all the wonderful Celtic acts that have found their way to my workspace, but had just realized I was no longer based in Nashville near her hometown 90 miles away.  No problem!  A couple of weeks ago, while on one of my regular trips to Nashville, John Mock, Bill Verdier and I had the great pleasure of tracking a few of her beautiful songs, framing her sweet voice with fiddle, tin whistle, Irish drum, mandolin, DADGAD guitar and a few other things.   Listen to one of the tracks, which I mixed back up here.  Thanks, Cathy, for the opportunity to do what we love to do!

Fall update

Lots happening this past summer into fall:  new CDs by John Carew, Skip Gorman, Annie Eastman Young, Gus LaCasse, song demos by Abbi White, Greg Lull, Brandon Harris, Brin Banta,  Portland Irish flutist Nicole Rabata‘s trio, a recent production trip to Nashville, and more- I’ll try to post some music and photos soon.

Nashville’s Studio 19, one of my favorite places to record, has new digs in what was formerly The Sound Kitchen. Great sound diffusion, mammoth Neve console, and of course Kyle Hershman, engineer extraordinaire.  Made some wonderful music there recently.


Next Nashville production trip on the calendar

November 14-17 or so.  Plenty of time to get some material ready to put in the hands of the Nashville Cats!

Nashville Travelogue- July ’14

Just back from two production trips to Nashville, lots of great music and a chance to visit some of my many cherished colleagues!

Elizabeth Carrigan‘s story is dramatic and compelling (read more).  We’ve started work on finishing a project she began four years ago.  I took a few of her vocal tracks to Nashville, where I, Jeff Taylor, Chris Leuzinger, Wayne Killius and John Vogt overdubbed a blues-y groove to some traditional Celtic folk songs.  What a great, unusual sound! So, initial vocal recorded here on the Seacoast, band in Nashville, mixing at Mill Pond Music.  Attention New England artists and songwriters: sound intriguing?

Check out The Greenwood Laddie:


The Fireflies, in Nashville and Portsmouth

Harry and Luca are sounding better than ever, back in the U.S. from London.  This time we tracked a few songs with a Nashville rhythm section, followed by overdubs and mixing back here in Portsmouth.

Popular Illinois country artist Greg Schneider cut 4 new songs, sounding very good indeed-check out Man Cave:

And, one of my most prolific songwriter clients David Stewart came down from New York with a new collection of finely crafted contemporary country songs, including this unusual and touching piece with an outstanding Tim Buppert vocal:

And, a great time with The Boys of County Nashville at McCreary’s Pub in Franklin.  Jeff Taylor, Bill Verdier, Skip Cleavinger and I having more fun than we deserve!