Kieran O’Hare and John Skelton: New Irish flute CD: ‘Two-Tone’

Mill Pond Music Studio was thrilled to host the recording of this new Irish flute duet project by two of the finest practitioners of that art on either side of ‘the pond’.  This inspired collection of tunes was recorded essentially live, the two players facing each other in the ‘Live Room’, no baffles, a couple of Telefunken tube mics, feet tapping on the maple floor, no digital editing or ‘punching-in’.  Pretty amazing!

Most of the tracks feature the flutes or whistles unaccompanied, although I was very excited to have John Blake from Dublin show up to play guitar and piano on some.  John has long been my favorite DADGAD guitarist- delicate, subtle, nimble, interesting and a real studio pro.  This project is a major contribution to the body of traditional Irish music.

Thanks, Kieran, for bringing this my way and I look forward to some tunes together soon!















Nashville Travelogue- July ’14

Just back from two production trips to Nashville, lots of great music and a chance to visit some of my many cherished colleagues!

Elizabeth Carrigan‘s story is dramatic and compelling (read more).  We’ve started work on finishing a project she began four years ago.  I took a few of her vocal tracks to Nashville, where I, Jeff Taylor, Chris Leuzinger, Wayne Killius and John Vogt overdubbed a blues-y groove to some traditional Celtic folk songs.  What a great, unusual sound! So, initial vocal recorded here on the Seacoast, band in Nashville, mixing at Mill Pond Music.  Attention New England artists and songwriters: sound intriguing?

Check out The Greenwood Laddie:


The Fireflies, in Nashville and Portsmouth

Harry and Luca are sounding better than ever, back in the U.S. from London.  This time we tracked a few songs with a Nashville rhythm section, followed by overdubs and mixing back here in Portsmouth.

Popular Illinois country artist Greg Schneider cut 4 new songs, sounding very good indeed-check out Man Cave:

And, one of my most prolific songwriter clients David Stewart came down from New York with a new collection of finely crafted contemporary country songs, including this unusual and touching piece with an outstanding Tim Buppert vocal:

And, a great time with The Boys of County Nashville at McCreary’s Pub in Franklin.  Jeff Taylor, Bill Verdier, Skip Cleavinger and I having more fun than we deserve!





Erica Brown and Matt Shipman: Darlin’ Corey

A couple more great musicians from Portland’s happening music scene, Matt and Erica have just started working on a collection of duo recordings featuring their plaintive, evocative vocals, Erica’s wonderful old-timey, country and celtic fiddle, Matt’s rich and nimble guitar, bouzouki and banjo.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt when I’ve subbed with High Range, and am a huge fan of Erica’s deep, instinctive understanding of country fiddle.  Sweet vocals, too!   





The Press Gang!

Press Gang photoI’ve known these guys since the days when I was still living in Nashville.  On my frequent visits to NH, I always scurried up to Lebanon NH to join them in one of the best Irish sessions in New England.  Based in Portland ME, they’ve evolved into THE hottest young Irish Trad band in New England, and I’m honored that they’ve been recording their second CD with me at MPM Studio. Junior Stevens is unparalleled on button accordion and concertina, Owen is so good on guitar, zouk, tenor banjo and tenor guitar it kind of makes me mad, and Alden Robinson is emerging as one of New England’s finest traditional fiddlers.   A pleasure, gang!   (Their website)