New Mic!!

I try not to get too excited about new equipment.  While the search for the utmost transparency between the heart of the music maker and the heart of the listener is a constant here at MPM Studio, the focus is always on the music.  But this new mic!!

The Neumann U 47 is the holy grail of microphones-every instrument and voice on every Beatles recording was captured with one, Frank Sinatra never worked without his.  But the good ones are all 50+ years old, worn-out, unreliable and hard to find.  Nashville’s legendary mic guru and long-time restorer of old Neumanns Bill Bradley has lovingly recreated this beautiful tool using ‘new old stock’ parts and tubes, and sparing no effort and expense.  This a singer’s dream mic, although it excels also on solo acoustic guitar and mandolin. I had stunning results the other day with the hard-to-capture concertina.  Come try out the Mic Shop MS 47!MS-47_for_web

Fodhla- Fine Irish music trio

I’ve known Nicole Rabata for 5 years and had many a lovely Irish tune session in her company.  She’s a fine flute payer and true pro, and Ifodhla‘m very grateful that she chose to bring in her companions in this lovely 6-tune project, Ellery Klein on fiddle and Bethany Waickman on DADGAD guitar to record here at MPM Studio.  Here’s a little taste-everything I love about Irish music:


Fall update

Lots happening this past summer into fall:  new CDs by John Carew, Skip Gorman, Annie Eastman Young, Gus LaCasse, song demos by Abbi White, Greg Lull, Brandon Harris, Brin Banta,  Portland Irish flutist Nicole Rabata‘s trio, a recent production trip to Nashville, and more- I’ll try to post some music and photos soon.



Nashville’s Studio 19, one of my favorite places to record, has new digs in what was formerly The Sound Kitchen. Great sound diffusion, mammoth Neve console, and of course Kyle Hershman, engineer extraordinaire.  Made some wonderful music there recently.IMG_0293

Riptide: America’s Contra Dance Band!

rt_picSomething about the unselfconsciousness of making music purely for dancing has brought out the best in this group of stellar Portland ME based traditional musicians: Alden Robinson, Owen Marshall and Glen Loper,  joined by the Contradance world’s leading percussionist Mark ‘Pokey’ Hellenberg. Contra dance aficionados will instantly recognize that this collection represents the apex of the genre’s musicianship.  Those who have never even heard of Contra dance will appreciate the vitality of this ear-catching, toe-tapping blend of Celtic/Canadian/Old-Timey American styles.  Give ‘em a listen!