Recording:  Hardware and Software

  • Lynx Aurora Analog/Digital/Analog converter- 16-channels of 192Hz/32-bit w/RME AES card
  • Rupert Neve 5059  16 Channel Summing Mixer
    (‘Out-of the-Box’  mixing rules!)
  • Rupert Neve  Portico 542 Analog Tape Emulation (2)
    (I don’t miss the tape machine so much!)
  • Millennia Audio NSEQ-2 Tube Mastering Stereo Program EQ
  • Summit Audio FEQ 50 Tube EQ
  • Steinberg CuBase 9  recording software with UAD plug-in bundle
  • Wavelab 8.5 Mastering software w/UAD plug-ins
  • Coleman Audio Q8 control room module/summing mixer

    (Audiophile quality monitoring)
  • Ravenscroft Piano Software
    (Amazing! THE best piano software available)
  • EZ Drummer 2

Mic preamps

  • John Hardy-the best!!
  • Millennia Audio (8 channels)
  • Neve (by Brent Averill)
  • LaChappel tube 583s
  • Focusrite ISA


  • Requisite Audio L2M
    (exquisite boutique Tube Limiter hand made by Danny McKinney)
  • Daking FET III Compressor/Limiter
  • Joe Meek SC-2 (audio upgrade by Bob Alach)
  • DBX 166


  • Neumann U87 (modified by Bill Bradley)
  • Mic Shop MS 47- Bill Bradley’s handmade reproduction of the legendary Neumann U 47  This is a jewel!
  • (2) Telefunken ELA M 260 small diaphragm tube mics- spectacular on fiddle, banjo and acoustic guitar-vintage sound reminiscent of Neumann KM 64, but brand new.
  • AKG C460 (2) (audio upgrade by Jim Williams)-pristine clarity
  • Miktek C 5 (very bright, sparkly small diaphragm condenser)
  • Peluso P 28 tube condenser mic (great on fiddle, mandolin)
  • Crowley and Tripp Ribbon (flutes, horns, upright bass, guitar amps)
  • AKG  C414
  • Audio-Technica  AT 4050 large diaphragm mic
  • Shure SM-81 (2), SM-57 (4), SM-58 (5)
  • Shure Beta 91 kick drum mic
  • Neumann KMS-105
  • Sennheiser e914


  • Dynaudio BM 15
  • Avantone near-field Mixcubes


  • Audio Technica ATM 70Xs
  • Audio-Technica ATM 50s
  • Sennheiser HD 280
  • Grado mastering headphones

Assorted instruments, keyboards and amps available

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