The musician-driven recording studio is a Nashville cornerstone because so many of us who spent a lot of time under headphones at big studios developed solid ideas about what really matters when it comes to getting things right at the moment of capturing a musical performance. Mill Pond Music brings that special insight to the New England seacoast.

Digital Recording/Analog Sound


At Mill Pond Music:

  • Experienced recording musicians can be assured that the hand and ears at the console have had plenty of experience recording world-class musicians.
  • Performers new to the experience of recording will feel relaxed and comfortable as they face the challenges and joys of capturing  their performance sweet spot,  with emotional (and even spiritual) content intact.
  • The songwriter who seeks to ‘demo’ new material will know that his or her music is being guided by someone who has produced many thousands of Nashville song demos, and has acquired an instinctive grasp of what publishers and A & R people want to hear.
  • The singer/songwriter will appreciate the stylistic sensitivity, and the access, thanks to modern technology, to the pool of A-team Nashville musical talent for overdubs, vocals, etc.
  • Irish/Celtic musicians and singers will be confident that their music has a fan and session devotee at the console.
  • Folk musicians may be happy to discover that the ‘engineer’ here is really just a 60s Folk-Scare veteran who got in way too deep…
  • Advertisers needing voice-overs and musical content may get lucky, like that upstart ad agency (the ‘Frog’ Superbowl guys) whose Michelob jingle demo produced at my Nashville studio was upgraded to a master, to much greater profit.
  • The project will get done. I’ve had a lot of young people wanting to intern for me over the years, with visions of spending long days and nights moving faders, tweaking EQ settings and effects, etc.. as they pursue the dream of producing recordings.  My observation: the producer’s main job is to make sure that the product is finished and delivered in a timely, economical way.

Leverage Your Home or Project Studio

These days it’s quite possible to make and edit good quality recordings in a home or small project studio.  One approach might be to do your initial recording at Mill Pond, using our high quality microphones, pre-amps, and acoustic space.  Then, take the audio files home for overdubs and mixing.  We can also work with your audio files – adding vocals, overdubs, or mixing and mastering.  Tracks recorded at home often benefit from processing on analog outboard gear, high-end plug-ins, and professional mastering that this fully outfitted studio can provide.

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