‘Celtic Tribute’ Series on CMH

“You look like you could play Irish music” said the agent, who had known me for many years, “there’s a new Irish Pub opening at the Opryland Hotel, and we’d like¬† you to put together an acoustic trio to play there.” Thus, in 2003, was born ‘The Boys of County Nashville‘. Jeff Taylor and I became totally besotted with Irish music, and eventually persuaded Bill Verdier, the ‘Godfather’ of Irish music in Nashville, to join us on fiddle. A great time it was, learning countless songs and tunes, playing pubs, sessions and festivals.

Eventually CMH Records, a bluegrass/country label with a huge catalog, asked us to do a series of ‘Celtic Tribute’ projects’, four CDs of instrumental versions of material by Led Zeppelin, U2, Alison Krauss, and, uh, well, Metallica(!)¬† The occasional goofiness of some of the music notwithstanding, it has inspired an almost cult-like following from all over the world. Producing these recordings helped lay the foundation for what is now a specialty at Mill Pond Music.

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