MPM Studio’s You Tube Channel

Jim P @ Turtle Lounge Ashland MA 1975Link to MPM Studio’s You Tube channel

In 1976 I was playing with a Boston-based Country/Swing band called the Rockabilly Shufflers, doing venues like The Hillbilly Ranch, Kevin’s, The Blue Star, Jack’s, Inman Sq. Men’s Bar, etc. We eventually landed a house band gig 5 nights a week at the Turtle Lounge in Ashland MA  (that’s me on the gig in the photo). One night a good friend brought a then-rare video camera. I remember driving home very excited, thinking that one day it would be totally possible for viewers everywhere to have a ‘window’ into musical performances of all kinds all over the world. That day is here!

This is just a very small first step, a couple of live performance videos of my Irish music wanderings, one in Nashville, the other in Portland ME. I hope that soon the ‘Live Room’ at MPM will be one of THE hot spots for You Tube music.

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