Overlooking Portsmouth’s serene North Mill Pond, you’ll find a light, airy and quiet space where you can play and record your music. The experienced music professional will be comfortable with a seasoned Nashville ear at the console, while those who don’t often face the challenge of recording will find a nurturing atmosphere and patient guidance through what can at times be a challenging process.

I’m delighted to return to New England after 30 years in the heart of Nashville’s music industry, where I worked as a studio musician and producer. There was much to be learned there from the world-class musicians, artists, producers, songwriters, music publishers and sound engineers about the creative process. It’s my hope that I can bring this experience to benefit the diverse and vibrant music community that has so graciously welcomed me here.

Players of acoustic music (Celtic/Irish, Folk, contemporary singer/songwriter, etc.), many of whom I’ve met while playing or hosting Irish and folk music sessions in the area, have appreciated the very quiet and acoustically lively ‘Live Room’, designed to accurately capture the sound of fine instruments. Drummers have likewise found it to be an excellent drum room, with just the right touch of ambience. Those seeking an absolutely sound-proof room for precise voice-over work will agree with the leading U.S. audio company (you know who) that this one fills the bill.

I’ve by now had the pleasure of recording some of the area’s fine jazz musicians, and I think my experience as reading pit orchestra player gives us a very useful common language.

Songwriters and vocalists targeting the Nashville market have found that my having played on and produced many thousands of song demos brings valuable perspective.
The Nashville connection has something else of value to offer. I maintain a close relationship with first-call studio musicians and singers there, and make regular trips to Nashville for various recording projects. We can tap into this resource by either booking live tracking sessions there (and finishing up here), or by remote overdubbing via internet, an increasingly common and exciting possibility.

For those of you with home recording set-ups: it can be very advantageous and efficient to record basic tracks (rhythm sections, particularly) in an acoustically correct environment with a stellar mic collection. Overdubs, vocals and mixing can then be done at your leisure at home. Or, take advantage of a sonically accurate control room for your final editing and mixing stage.